I’m running for Salt Lake County 2nd Vice Chair to help get more Democrats Elected


I’m running for 2nd Vice Chair of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party, because I have some great ideas to get Democrats elected in Salt Lake County in the next 2 years.

I ran for Legislature in 2018, and I learned so much. I met some amazing people, and found so many knowledgeable people in this valley that I was lucky to have access to. I didn’t get elected, but I would like to put that knowledge to work, so I can help get more Democrats elected in 2020. I’ve already been working with State and County party officials on potential seats I think we can win, and plans I think we can use to win them. One of the things I think will help is a long term vision. Starting before this term is up, and planning out beyond the end of 2022 is part of my goal.

I have been the Vice Chair of the Salt Lake County Caucus for People with Disabilities since April of 2016, and the Secretary of the Salt Lake County Progressive Caucus since November of 2016. Both jobs have offered me an incredible opportunity to work with very diverse teams and very different leadership styles. I have learned so very much from both jobs, and I’m so proud of how each Caucus has grown and expanded during those times. I’d like to use my experience to help the County party grow as well.

Part of the job of the 2nd Vice Chair is working with the Issue and Identity Caucus leadership to plan activities, support candidates and get Democrats together all over the valley promoting our platform and our issues. With that in mind, I planned the debate for the Salt Lake County Special Election for Mayor, and got lucky and managed to get Fox 13 to moderate and live stream for us. This illustrates some of my core values of transparency, participation and openness for our party. I’d like to make our party more visible, more accessible and more available for everyone in the Salt Lake Valley, to keep the momentum, turnout and excitement we saw in the 2018 elections carry through to 2020. I believe in thinking big, and shooting for the stars, and with a little luck and audacity, I think we can get there!

I think many of you who know me know I show up, and do the work. Those of you who haven’t met me, I’m looking forward to the chance to prove that to you. Please vote for Wendy Garvin for Salt Lake County 2nd Vice Chair!

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